run the drum machine to my heart

by компакт-катя



Я читал некоторые блоги фантастики за мой английский и наткнулся на этот. Я люблю историю и многое сделали несколько музыку, вдохновленную историей. Для записи я поместил мои драм-машину в другой комнате за правильный эффект, как история описание. Я надеюсь, вам понравится.

I have been reading some fiction blogs for my English and stumbled on a story I love a lot and made some music inspired from it. For the recording I placed my drum machine in a different room for the correct effect like the story description.

"Kompakt-Katya's most recent work, "Run the Drum Machine to My Heart," is decorated with the semi-fetal pose of a young boy. A similar retreat from public view is evident both in the EP's title and its repeated metaphor of some faint, long-suffering heartbeat. In order to weave a narrative of both physical absence and ardent feeling, our artiste has placed her drum machine in different rooms (for different tracks). The very sound of existence is thus made simultaneously real and removed.

The effect of these contradictions is unnerving and yet strikingly plaintive."

- extract from


released July 14, 2011

Katr Zaitseva: bontempi organ, dubreq stylophone, korg minipops drum machine



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